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Cutting Ribbon

You have a new business that you want to set up for success.

Congratulations! You've started making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Maybe you took the leap into entrepreneurship or maybe you fell into it. However you got started, you may have a few (or more than a few) things to learn and boxes to check. In your pursuit of success, you'll want to check out the resources and programs below, organized by your learning style. Just click on the ones you find interesting for more information.

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I like to learn in person.

If you're looking for in-person guidance to build a strong business foundation, we've got you. Take a look at the options below.

Fuel Your Startup Hybrid Bootcamp

Now that you've started your business, you realize that your success comes down to two things: time and money. In this 6-module hybrid program, you'll connect with peers and experts in live Zoom sessions (also recorded so you can watch later) to dig into topics critical to your business success. The program ends with an in-person happy hour, where you'll meet the other women in your cohort, celebrate all your hard work and we'll toast to your success.

One-to-One Coaching

Our team (Jill, Jasmine and Kourtney) loves to work directly with women business owners. Please reach out via this contact form to set up a conversation (phone, Zoom or in person) to brainstorm, get connections and strategize your next steps.

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How can I get more customers?

A growing business depends on a steady stream of customers. If this is your primary concern, we have some helpful programs and strategies for you.

Fuel Your Startup Bootcamp

We included this hybrid Bootcamp under the section for learning in person and we're including it here too. Why? Because it's packed with valuable insights and exercises to figure out who your ideal customer is, where you can find them and how you can sell to them. 

Master Classes

Unlock the secrets to business growth with these classes. Each is a 1-day, in-person exploration into critical topics for growing your business. Our 2024 lineup includes:

Aviatra Blog

We have a number of helpful blog posts, including this one: Get to Know Your Customers: 5 Questions to Ask.

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I'd like to
meet other entrepreneurs.

Who else knows better what you're going through than another woman entrepreneur? Let us introduce you to some other bold women who are working hard to turn their dreams into reality.

Aviatra Membership Community

Surround yourself with women who are hustling just like you, making their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Membership comes with great perks like free attendance at Real Talk for WOBs (see below), Monday Morning Accountability Check Ins and much more.

Hot Seat Mastermind Events (Dayton area)

Hot seats are a fun, fast-paced way to get and give business advice. Join us for these quarterly sessions, held at the Arcade Innovation Hub in Dayton. We start with a light breakfast and networking. Then an entrepreneur (you, perhaps) will share a business concern, challenge or idea with the group, who will provide their feedback and advice. The supportive environment is perfect for testing or workshopping new ideas.

Real Talk for WOBs (Women-Owned Businesses) (Cincinnati/NKY area)

We get real in these monthly gatherings of women business owners. Each happy hour session starts with a roundtable discussion of an issue that affects everyone. Then we break up into smaller groups for two 20-minute "Sweet Seat" rounds, where attendees take turns presenting a business challenge or idea for feedback, thoughts and support. It's a trusted space for honest, impactful conversations about being a women entrepreneur.

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I want to fly solo for now.

Are you most comfortable with a DIY approach and learning online? We've got helpful resources, tailor-made for you.

From Daydream to Launch Digital Course

Our inspiring, 6-week online course covers fundamental business elements like: target market, accounting & banking, pricing, low-cost marketing strategies, business plan and funding options. The course includes weekly Q&A office hours and you will have access to everything for an entire year.

Soar Workshop Webinars

Each month, we offer two free Zoom workshops with speakers who share tips and insights on various topics. You're invited to join us for any or all of them. They each include time for Q&A with the presenters. 

Aviatra Blog

We have articles on mindset marketing, business growth and more, as well as profiles of many of our successful alumni.

Elevator Pitch Plus Downloadable Handout

An Elevator Pitch Plus is a simple way to talk about your business that includes not only what you do, it also explains who your customers are, what problem you're solving for them and what benefits they receive from your business. Download this handout to get the simple format so you can perfect your Elevator Pitch Plus.

One-Page Business Plan Downloadable Handout

You may have heard that a business plan has to be several pages long with detailed spreadsheets. That is certainly true if you are trying to get funding, but when you're just starting out, all you need is one simple page. Our One-Page Business Plan handout covers the basics that summarize your business plans and goals.

Woman to Woman: Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

You'll be inspired by these successful Aviatra alumni, who share lessons they've learned along the way.

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Who else can help me?

Our region has a strong entrepreneur support ecosystem. Below are some of the partners we recommend to help you on your business journey.

Front Doors to Entrepreneurship

There are three places to start, depending on where your business is located:

Business Coaching

When you have a new business, it's so helpful to find a mentor to help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey. In addition to Aviatra, here are some other resources for you:

  • SCORE: When you apply for a SCORE mentor, you'll be matched with a retired business expert who volunteers their time to help business owners like you. They serve Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, as well as the Dayton area.

  • SBDC: Small Business Development Center mentors will give you expert assistance, especially with budgets and forecasting.

  • Women's Business Center: The leaders at the WBC can answer your questions and connect you with valuable resources.

  • The BizAccessHub at NKU offers members targeted, personalized coaching to help entrepreneurs work through challenges and plan for the future.

  • The Dayton area Women in Business Network has events that connect their members with each other for support and accountability.

Alumni Advice: ChooseYour Thoughts Wisely

"Your life gets to be as big as you dream it and as big as you BELIEVE it. YOU are the power behind your life, behind your business, behind all your endeavors. And that power comes from the thoughts you choose to think. You get to choose the thoughts you focus on so choose the thoughts that serve you."

-Karen Durbin, Certified Life Coach

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