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One to One Coaching

Helpful conversations to move you forward

Whether you're in the idea phase or have your business up and running, it can be incredibly helpful to talk with someone about your ideas, challenges and struggles.

Coaching can:

  • Accelerate your progress

  • Give you advice and direction

  • Help determine your next steps

  • Provide accountability and support

We offer free and paid coaching. During the sessions, we'll brainstorm solutions to your challenges, make helpful connections and provide valuable resources.  If we don't have the expertise you need, we will connect you with someone who does. 

How does it work?

We typically begin with a free 30 or 60-minute coaching session, where you'll share information about your business or your idea and the questions you have. We will give you as much feedback as we can and follow up with additional resources.

After the free session, you are welcome to continue working with us. We offer a package of 4 hour-long coaching sessions for $200, which is $50 per session.


Aviatra Community Members save $50 off the total 4-session package price.

If you prefer to purchase one session at a time, they are $75 each for one hour.

How to get started

If you'd like to book a free coaching session, please fill out this form below.

If you have already had a free session and would like to continue to receive coaching with us, please select from the following options:

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Contact us for a free coaching session

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