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Your Startup

Fuel Your Startup is a hybrid business success bootcamp to help you

make more money and be more productive. 

We get it.

As the owner of a new-ish business, you've been wearing all the hats, making all the decisions with your fingers crossed, bootstrapping all your expenses as you wait for sales to come in.

It can be a lonely and uncertain time.

You realize what you need most of all is more time and more money.

Does any of the following describe you?

I have a business that is 6 months to around 2 years old.

I'm working so hard but just not seeing the results I want.

I've made some sales, but haven't cracked the code to create a steady stream of income.

I tend to second guess my decisions and get advice from a hundred "experts"

I spend way too much time doing lots of little things that aren't adding up to success

If you are nodding your head right now, Fuel Your Startup can help!

By focusing exclusively on making more sales and being more efficient, Fuel Your Startup will give you the tools, processes and mindset that will take your business from struggling to successful

intrigued woman.png

OK, I'm intrigued...

With Fuel Your Startup, you will...


Zero in on your ideal customers

Once you know who they are, you can connect with your perfect customers to promote your business.


Meet experts to uplevel your business

You’ll learn from subject matter experts and can go deeper with them if you wish.


Learn innovative pricing strategies

Using your sales history, you can explore new ways of pricing your products and services.


Determine your top priorities for each week

Be more efficient by focusing on the “rocks,” not the “sand.”


Discover sources for outside funding

You’ll meet grantors, investors and lenders to learn how you can access funds to grow your business.


Explore resources to be more efficient

By leveraging the talents of others, you can focus on the things you do best.

At Aviatra, we've helped more than 450 people just like you start and grow their businesses. 

This is our sweet spot.




Are you ready to FUEL your business growth?

excited woman.png

We invite you to join us (and other women business owners) in Fuel Your Startup.

We offer two payment plans:

2 Monthly Payments of


One-Time Payment of



What's inside
Fuel Your Startup?

“I have received so much valuable information, tools and resources that will grow my business to the next level. I have 100% confidence that I will have greater success now than in all my previous years.”

Tempest Pope, no background.png

-Tempest Pope, owner of Thirst Trap Lemonade

"Coming to Fuel was a serious boost to my sense of self, my understanding of aspects of business that were new to me and I'm so glad I gave myself that gift!"

-Lori Kirstein, founder of the Goodbye Good Girl Project

Lori Kirstein, no background.png

"Great topics, I'm able to take the lessons and make them applicable to my business.

"Fuel was a really valuable use of my time and I know I am better for taking the course. I highly recommend it."

-Jess Kellar,

The Heart Baker

Jess Kellar, no background.png

The hybrid experience 

We designed this program to be convenient, while fostering connections between you and your fellow participants. 

Live online sessions (also recorded)

Each week for 6 weeks, we'll meet online for 90 minutes. You'll learn from subject matter experts and get your questions answered in real time. We also record these sessions for you to watch later.

In-person celebration

At the end of the program, we'll have an in-person celebration so you can meet the other women in your cohort. You'll have gotten to know them during the weekly sessions, so it will be fun to connect in real life.

The course content 

Here is what you'll learn each week:

Week 1: Find Your Customers

You'll write your own "Elevator Pitch Plus" and use it to introduce yourself to the group. Then we'll find your customers by digging into the problems you solve for people and then defining the people who have those problems (aka your customers).

Week 2: Make More Sales

We'll analyze your competitors to find out how you are different and then use that information to tell your story in a compelling way. Then we'll discuss lots of low-cost marketing ideas that you can use to promote your business and sell more of your products or services.

Week 3: Mind Your Money

We'll discuss different pricing strategies to better serve your customers while maximizing your profit. Then we'll walk through budgeting strategies and clarify ways to manage your cash flow.

Week 4: Fund Your Dreams

We'll bring together funders in a panel format, including investors, lenders and grantors. They will share the different programs they offer, discuss which might be right for you and how to qualify for each.

Week 5: Protect Your Assets

From trademarks and patents to a BOP and key-man, our legal and insurance experts will share critical information to safeguard your business.

Week 6: Manage Your Time

You'll learn techniques to prioritize everything you have to do and ways to automate processes in your business. You'll also learn how to work with a virtual assistant. With these strategies, you'll be able to spend more time in your "zone of genius," doing the important things to grow your business that only you can do.

Meet the women in your cohort IRL at the Fuel Your Startup Completion Celebration.

We'll raise a glass to your hard work and success!


But wait...there's more! 

Downloadable Workbook

Use the worksheets, notes pages and other resources to capture your thoughts, track your progress and make your plans.

pay in full bonus



Weekly live Q&A sessions for life

We've got your back!

Each week, we go live on the Aviatra Facebook page to answer questions from our current students, alumni and members. No worries if you can't attend live, we've got everything on replay.

Why this matters

You won't be left to figure everything out yourself! We will be here for you every week, even after the program ends, helping you with whatever challenges and new opportunities come up.


Pay in Full Bonus

"Get acquainted" group zoom call

If you pay in full at enrollment, you'll get an extra bonus: an online session with Jill and the other business owners in your cohort. We'll get to know each other a little bit, answer questions and have a virtual high five to get you started with enthusiasm. We'll record it so you can watch it again.

Why this matters

It's a wonderful way to begin your Fuel Your Startup experience--with other people just like you, who have big dreams and lots of hustle. You can keep in touch with them in the private Facebook Group to get ongoing support, accountability and friendship.

 As you can see, your success is our whole focus. 

Will you join us inside Fuel Your Startup?
Enrollment for the next session begins August 15 and ends on September 4, 2024.

We offer two payment plans:

2 Monthly Payments of


One-Time Payment of


Fuel Your Startup includes...

6 Expert-Taught Modules 

sharing processes and techniques to increase your profits and better manage your time. All live sessions are recorded for later viewing.

Ongoing Support 

with permanent access to the materials and the weekly Q&A sessions, exclusive alumni newsletter and more. 

Community of Entrepreneurs 

at different stages in their entrepreneurial

journey, who can help, understand and inspire you. You'll also be invited to join our private Facebook group where you can interact with other students and alumni.

Next-Level Strategies 

so you go from overwhelmed to focused and uncertain to empowered. Plus, you can ask questions during the live sessions about your specific situation and get expert guidance.

Don't stress...we have a
100% money back guarantee

Are you concerned about making this investment in your business?

We've got your back: we have helped hundreds of women grow their businesses. We understand the unique combination of excitement and overwhelm that comes with being a business owner.

You are the reason we created the Fuel Your Startup program--you're working so hard and just not seeing the results you want. Don't give up hope! 

To take pressure off your decision, we have a 7-day money back guarantee that starts the first week of the program. 

We timed it that way so you can participate in the Find Your Customers module before you need to make a final decision. You'll be able to experience our teaching style and get a good idea of the program and whether it fits your needs. 

So don't stress. We really do support you during this whole process.

To see our full guarantee policy, please click on "read more" below. To receive a refund, you must email any time in the 7 days that start with the first live session of the course.


Jess the Heart Baker talks about her experience in Fuel Your Startup

Are you ready to add some oomph to your business?

Got questions?
We've got answers.


Q: I'm already so busy. How can I fit this program into my schedule? A: We designed Fuel Your Startup to solve this problem for you. Each of the live sessions take place over the lunch hour, which could make it easier for you to attend. All the live sessions are also recorded so you can watch them later if you missed one or want to remember all the great info. While the in-person celebration at the end is super fun, it is optional, so don't let that be a concern. Fuel Your Startup is a fantastic way to grow your business by increasing both your revenue and your efficiency. It's well worth the investment of your time and money.

Q: What if my business is more than 2 years old? A: Struggles with income and growing to-do lists can come at any point in the life of a business. Several of our Fuel Your Startup alumni had older businesses and they all found the strategies they learned in the program to be very helpful. If you are in the Cincinnati area and your business is more than 1 year old and you have earned a total of $50k over the life of your business, you may want to consider our Momentum Accelerator. It will truly rocket your business to new heights.

Q: How will this program help me grow my business? A: A huge part of business growth comes from increasing your income. Weeks 1-4 are focused on that. Week 5 will help your business grow up, as you protect your original ideas and other assets. Week 6 is all about helping you go from "doing all the things" to working more often inside your "zone of genius." When you take action on everything you learn, your business will grow and continue to get better every year.

Q: Will I be able to reach out afterward to the subject matter experts who teach the modules? A: Yes, we know you will benefit from deeper work with the experts we invite into Fuel Your Startup to share their knowledge and experience. You will receive their contact information, as well as any worksheets or other resources they wish to provide.

Still on the fence?

You should give Fuel Your Startup a 7-day, risk-free try if you relate to any of the following:

You are ready to start seeing bigger results.


You are working hard, putting in the hours, but just aren't seeing the profits you want. 

Fuel Your Startup will help you make more money with our modules on: new pricing models, additional streams of income, more focused marketing and money management.

You want to maximize the time you spend working.


When you're a new-ish business owner, your to-do list is a mile long. 

Before you burn out or collapse with exhaustion, the Fuel Your Startup discussions on identifying priorities, automating tasks and working with a VA will help you better manage your time.

You know that investing in yourself is smart business.


Savvy business owners know they have to make investments to get returns. 

In your case, your investment in Fuel Your Startup will bring you significant value by reframing your customer conversations so they lead to more sales, being more efficient so you can take a breath now and then and applying the Profitability Calculation to your business.

Will you let Aviatra be part of your support system?

It takes a village to support a successful business.

"Your life gets to be as big as you dream it and as big as you BELIEVE it." -Karen Durbin, Aviatra alum 

Are you ready to prioritize yourself and get real results from your hard work?

Are you ready to learn from experts and other entrepreneurs? 

Are you ready to give your business the FUEL it needs to go to the next level?

If so, then you're ready for Fuel Your Startup.

We've got one more bonus for you...

from your friends at Aviatra

Get ready to meet new fans

To recognize all your hard work and success in completing the program, we will promote your business on all of our social channels. This will give you a boost of visibility that could lead to wonderful new opportunities.

Let us celebrate you!

2024 Calendar for 
Fuel Your Startup


We offer bootcamps throughout the year in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton region, as well as Paducah in 2024. To enroll, just click the button under the bootcamp that best fits your schedule.

If registration for the date you want is not yet open, please sign up for our newsletter to be notified about all our events.

Cincy/NKY: Starts on September 5, 2024 

Enrollment begins August 15 and ends on September 4, 2024.

Live webinar dates: ​

  • Sept. 5 (noon-1:30)

  • Sept. 12 (noon-1:30)

  • Sept. 19 (noon-1:30)

  • Sept. 26 (noon-1:30)

  • Oct. 3 (noon-1:30)

  • Oct. 10 (noon-1:30)

In-person celebration: Oct. 10, 4:30-6:00 pm, location TBD

Enrollment not yet open
wait list

Want to be notified when enrollment is open?

Enrollment for Fuel Your Startup is currently closed. If you'd like to be notified when it's open, please fill out the form below.


We will also send you emails about other events and resources that will help you as you begin your entrepreneurial journey.

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