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Our flagship program:

Rocket your business growth without overwhelm

This 10-week, highly personalized program gives you the strategies, tools, support and confidence to take your business as far as you want to go!

You're ready to grow and we are here to help.

You are right for the MOMENTUM program if...  

You wear most (or all) of the hats in your business. You need to be an expert in so many things, but you don't have time to teach yourself. You have big plans for your business and are ready to do what it takes.

MOMENTUM is right for you if... 

You love what you do when you're working IN your business and want to be equally confident and excited when you're working ON your business. You want to wake up every day with the energy and know-how to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Does this describe you?

You've been in business a year or more and have made around $50k or more so far--and want to continue that trend.

You want proven strategies to take your business to the next level.

You are ready to invest in yourself as the leader of your business.

You'd like to meet experts who can help you do what you cannot.

You believe you can do big things and want the support to make it happen.


If that's you, you're in the right place!

MOMENTUM will change your business and your life. You will be more confident, have more direction and be ready to grow significantly.

Want to chat with Jill to see if MOMENTUM is right for you?

sounds good.png

Sounds good so far...

By the end of MOMENTUM, you will have...


Robust business plan

Your business plan will show where you are and where you're headed and will help you make decisions for your business.


Marketing plan

As you go through the program, you'll use what you learn to create a targeted plan to market your business.


Polished pitch

You'll craft, perfect and practice your pitch so you can confidently talk about your business to anyone and everyone.


Growth strategies

From getting your next sale to hiring a team to possibly selling your business at some point, you'll learn how to grow as big as you want.


Network of experts

It's not always WHAT you know, sometimes, it's WHO you know. The experts you meet in the program will be ready to help you when you need them.


Community of other women

Who better to turn to for support than other women entrepreneurs like the ones in your cohort? They know exactly what you're going through and they'll have your back.

Sonya Moore

"Aviatra was the launching pad for my business.

"The program armed me with realistic facts and direction

to recraft my business, which is now thriving and bringing me joy."

-Sonya Moore

Owner of Moore Planning and Consulting LLC

Do you sometimes feel so close to your business that you can't see the forest for the trees (aka the opportunities hiding in plain sight)? 

You need to master the fundamentals of your specific business and get personalized growth strategies so you can grow faster and with more confidence.

You need to build on your MOMENTUM.


Aviatra team: Jill, Kourtney & Jasmine

Aviatra was created with you in mind.

Since 2010, we've helped more than 450 women just like you start and grow their businesses.

Plain and simple: MOMENTUM is the region's best accelerator for your current business stage.

4 Monthly Payments of


One-Time Payment of


Aviatra members save $100. Scholarships available.

Applications will reopen in May 2025. To be notified, sign up for the waiting list using the button above.

MOMENTUM overview:

Weekly Sessions

Starting on June 5, you'll meet in Covington, KY every Wednesday evening from 5:30-8:30 for 10 weeks. You'll work on your business pitch and get an in-depth education on essential topics with experts. Each session includes time for Q&A about your specific business challenges.

We'll also introduce you to Aviatra alumni who will share their experiences for inspiration and support. Cohort members typically bring their own dinner with them and eat while they learn.

Mentor Match

During MOMENTUM, you will be custom-matched to a SCORE mentor, who will work with you to create a robust 3-year business plan with financial projections and develop actionable strategies to meet your goals, all of which help you plan for the future and prepare you to seek funding.

Pitch Perfect

You'll work with professional presentation coaches to help you confidently talk about your business and participate in the Pitch Competition.

Take Flight

At Flight Night, you'll celebrate with your family and friends at the public graduation. You'll wow 'em with your pitch, the prizes will be announced and streamers will fly!

Prize Time

As a MOMENTUM graduate, you will receive a $500 prize in the form of valuable in-kind services. You'll choose from legal consultation, marketing strategy, graphic design, efficiency consultation or accounting expertise.

The winner of the Pitch Competition will receive an additional cash prize, as well as some great PR.

Mavis Linneman-Clark.png

Mavis Linnemann-Clark

"MOMENTUM is like a mini-MBA, customized to your business. It's work--but it's soooo worth it!

"I wouldn't be where I am today, with a million dollar business, without Aviatra!"

-Mavis Linnemann-Clark

Owner of Delish Dish Catering

Price includes

What does the price include?

More than 25 experts sharing their secrets

and offering personalized guidance for your business [see the schedule]

If you had to pay separately: $2,500 (based on $100/hr consultation for each expert)

In-kind services that you need

including graphic design, legal advice, marketing strategy, efficiency consultation or accounting expertise [learn more]

If you had to pay separately: $500 

Membership in Aviatra's paid community for 1 year

supporting you with weekly accountability calls and Real Talk mastermind sessions twice a month [learn more]

If you had to pay separately: $300 

Opportunity to compete for a cash prize and PR

if you win the Pitch Competition [learn more]

Prize amount: $1,000 

Weekly pitch practice and expert coaching

so you can confidently talk about your business with everyone from funders and professional connections to potential customers [learn more]

If you had to pay separately: $700

Custom-matched SCORE mentor

who will help you create your business plan and financial projections so you can plan for the future and be ready for conversations with funders [learn more]

Materials, worksheets and additional information

from the presenting experts so you can continue learning outside of the weekly sessions

All Aviatra alumni benefits

including weekly Q&A, private Facebook community, free admission to select events and more

Total cost if you bought everything separately: $5,000

Jessica Wright.png

Jessica Wright

"MOMENTUM showed me a lot of things about my business that I didn't know. I kept saying, 'Wow, I really needed this!'

"I also appreciated that it brought me community--women who now feel like family."

-Jessica Wright

Owner of Wright Workforce Solutions

Want to chat with Jill to see if MOMENTUM is right for you?

MOMENTUM is designed so that each week builds on the last. You'll progress from understanding your numbers and marketing to confidently talking about your business and building a team. 

Week 1 (June 5): Introductions & Foundations

June 5: In-person session

Meet the cohort, some of the experts and others in the region's entrepreneurial support ecosystem.


We'll set the foundation of all the work you'll do in MOMENTUM by discussing the problem(s) you solve and your ideal customers. 

The experts:

+ additional experts, to be confirmed

Week 2 (June 12): Financials: Business Plan, Pricing & Profitability

June 12: In-person session

Ultimately, business success comes down to the numbers. In this first of 2 Finance sessions, you will  begin the process of creating the financial components of your business plan. We'll also discuss pricing strategies and profitability levers. Plus, you'll learn your Money Archetype, how it impacts your mindsets around money and how you can leverage your archetype to make more money.

The experts:

Week 3 (June 19): Financials: Cash Flow & Projections

June 19: In-person session

In the second session focused on finances, you'll learn more about cash flow management and financial projections. Your own P&L will make so much more sense!

At this session, many of the cohort members will meet their SCORE mentors for the first time.

The expert:

June 21: BONUS webinar: Using a CRM

In the first of several bonus webinars, you will learn how to choose, set up and use a Customer Relationship Management platform to track your customers throughout their buying journey.

The expert:

Jessica Thames.jpg

Week 4 (June 26): Asset Protection & Sales

June 26: In-person session

You'll meet attorneys and insurance experts who will help you protect your intellectual property and your other business assets.

You will also get started with smart sales strategies that don't feel pushy. After all, if you don't make sales, you don't make money!

The experts:

+ additional experts, to be confirmed

June 28: BONUS webinar: Relationship selling

You'll learn how to move your business connections through the buying journey.

The expert:

Bethany George.jpg

Week 5 (July 3): Marketing: Messaging, Branding & PR

July 3: In-person session

In this first of 2 sessions focused on marketing, you'll create your messaging pillars, learn how to leverage the media for free promotion and get a personalized review of your own branding.

The experts:

+ additional experts, to be confirmed

July 5: BONUS webinar: Optional opportunity to work on your pitch script

If you have time, you can join the Aviatra team to workshop your pitch script.

Week 6 (July 10): Marketing: Strategy & Tactics

July 10: In-person session

We'll start the session with a discussion of marketing strategy. Then you'll learn about different tactics and ways to market your business. Finally, you'll work with the experts to map out your own marketing plan for the rest of 2024.

The experts:

+ additional experts, to be confirmed

July 12: BONUS webinar: Your priorities & your time

You'll experience a mindset shift as you define your priorities and learn how to manage your time accordingly.

The expert:

Audrey Donnell.jpg

What's inside MOMENTUM?

(Give me all the details)

what's inside

Week 7 (July 17): Growth: Strategy, Team & Automation

July 17: In-person session

In this first of two sessions on growth, you'll learn how to quickly scale your business and how to build a team. You'll also learn the power of processes and automation to improve your efficiency.

The experts:

July 19: BONUS webinar: Structuring your company for your goals

The decisions you make now for your business can change, depending on your long-term plans. You'll learn what matters and why. 

The expert:

Lisa Bosse.jpg

Week 8 (July 24): Growth: Funding Options

July 24: In-person session

Most businesses eventually need outside capital to grow. In this session, you'll meet several kinds of funders, who will share their options and how you can receive the funds. You'll also learn some surprising facts about business credit.

The experts:

July 26: BONUS webinar: Selling your business

If you might eventually want to sell your business, this webinar will give you some valuable insights and planning assistance.

The expert:

Kate Vriner.jpg

Week 9 (July 31): Pitch Coaching

July 31: In-person session

Work with an executive presense and speaking coach to get more comfortable while delivering your pitch.

The expert:

Aug. 2: BONUS webinar: Pitch coaching

Get additional tips and strategies for making your pitch stronger and increasing your confidence.

The experts:

Week 10 (Aug. 14): Pitch Selection 

Aug. 14: In-person session

We'll skip a week to give you time to practice your pitch. Then, you'll meet the selection committee to give your pitch. Don't stress--it's a very friendly group.

The winner of the competition will be announced at your graduuation celebration, which we call Flight Night. It will be on Thurs. Sept. 5.


Read more about Flight Night here.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business?

It's time to level up to reach your goals.

4 Monthly Payments of


One-Time Payment of


Aviatra members save $100. Scholarships available.

Applications will open in May 2025. Sign up for the waiting list by clicking on the button above. We will let you know when applications reopen.

Lisa Woodruff.png

Lisa Woodruff

"Just the fact that I paid money to go to something designed specifically for business owners was huge. It was the first time I'd ever spent money on something that wasn't immediately revenue-generating.


"I was literally investing in being a business owner."

-Lisa Woodruff

Owner of million dollar business Organize 365




Thanks to generous donations from alum Lisa Woodruff and entrepreneurial hub Blue North, we are able to offer two full scholarships to MOMENTUM.

The Organize 365 Scholarship is needs-based and will be awarded to a woman who otherwise would be unable to participate in MOMENTUM. 

The Blue North Scholarship will be awarded to a woman whose business is located in Northern Kentucky and has the potential for high growth in the next few years.

When you apply to MOMENTUM, you will be asked if you wish to apply for a scholarship. If you do, a separate application will be sent.

Are you ready to dedicate time to improve & grow your business?

Got questions?
We've got answers.


Q: What if I have to miss one (or more) of the weekly classes? A: Although it's best if you can attend each session, we understand that's not always possible. We record each class for you to watch later and provide the experts' contact information so you can reach out with any questions.

Q: How much time does MOMENTUM require outside of the weekly sessions? A: You can expect to spend an additional 1-2 hours per week on homework and pre-work. As with everything, the more you put in, the more you'll get out. If you have a busy week, no worries. Just come to class and listen. But if you spend the time to think through the exercises and make plans to implement the strategies you learn, you'll see faster growth and deeper understanding.

Q: Where are the classes held and what do I need to bring? A: The Wednesday in-person classes are held in downtown Covington, next door to Aviatra's office. PARKING: There is a large paid parking lot, as well as metered street parking. During MOMENTUM, there are several bonus webinars that you can join online. WHAT TO BRING: your MOMENTUM binder, which we will provided. You can bring your dinner, if you'd like to eat while you learn. That's it! We'll provide beverages, pens and the weekly binder pages.

Q: Tell me about Flight Night. A: Flight Night is the celebration of your graduation from MOMENTUM. You get 2 free tickets for family and friends and you'll pitch your business on stage. This year, we are debuting the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards at Flight Night, so the evening will be full of inspiring women, including you!

Q: How do I get my free in-kind services? A: Upon graduation, you will let us know which services you want. Then we will connect you with the provider and you will work directly with them.

Flight Night

The community's chance to celebrate YOU.

Flight Night

Picture this:

Your family and friends are in the and the women with you in the cohort are getting ready to go on stage. You feel nervous but excited.

You step out to applause. You deliver your pitch, receive your certificate and the crowd goes wild.

You did it! You put in the time. You asked good questions, you filled your brain with strategy, tactics and plans.

Spend the rest of Flight Night celebrating with your family, friends and community leaders. Then, you'll roll up your sleeves and get to work, growing your business, surrounded by your new support network. 

As we say at Aviatra: you can do this, and you don't have to do it alone!

Annetta Waters.png

Annetta Waters

"Aviatra taught me how to structure my business and to never stop dreaming.

"I will never forget being in a room full of entrepreneurs who were different colors, ages and different business types, all eager to grow.

"Fast forward to today, I have had my salon since 2014, an amazing career expanding my enterprise and I am still a member benefitting from the Aviatra network."

-Annetta Waters

Owner of Annetta's Beauty Bar

We all need business besties.

They help us celebrate the wins and get through the challenges. 

Meet yours in Momentum.

Who can you call when you made big sale?

Your business besties.

Who can you call when you're tired and need encouragement? Your business besties.

We need other women entrepreneurs around us because, more than anyone else in your life, they get it. You are all going through the ups and downs of business ownership together.

Are you ready to meet your business besties? You'll find them in MOMENTUM.

Michelle Tibbs.png

Michele Tibbs

"I loved having my MOMENTUM cohort to bounce ideas off of and ask questions. We're all going through the same things together."

-Michele Tibbs

Co-Owner of Grainwell

Still not 100% sure this is right for you?

But you think it might be...

You should apply to MOMENTUM if:

You're an expert at what you do, but need help with the "business side" of your business.


No one is an expert at all things. During MOMENTUM, you'll meet and learn from financial, marketing, HR, sales and other experts. 

They will teach you what you need to know for your specific situation. Plus, you can always reach out to them for additional help. 

You're not afraid of hard work, but you want to see results.


When you started your business, you knew you'd have to work hard. But you want something to show for the hours you put in.

The curriculum and experts in MOMENTUM will help you develop personalized strategies to grow your business in all areas. So you'll know what to do and when. 

Your business will grow as a result.

You're tired of doing it all, and doing it all alone.


Most of us do not come from entrepreneurial families and our friendships are not usually built around business ownership.

Which means that you don't always get the support you need.

In MOMENTUM, you will be surrounded by experts and other women entrepreneurs, who want you to succeed and will help you reach your dreams.

Megan Grote.png

Megan Grote

"My time with Aviatra has, in many ways, shaped who I am as a woman and business leader.

"The MOMENTUM program helped to not only take my business to the next level, but it also far improved my skills as a woman in business.

"Winning the pitch competition was the greatest success I've encountered in business ownership to date, and I am forever grateful for the family I've gained since completing the program.

"Once and always a proud Aviatra, I would recommend this program to any woman who wants the best for her business!"

-Megan Grote

Owner of With Grace B. Bold

You're not afraid of work--you just want it to matter, to move the needle for your business.

MOMENTUM is worth every minute. 

You'll get clarity on your next steps, you'll plan for the future, you'll connect with amazing people. This is your best next step to grow your business.

We are waiting to welcome you into MOMENTUM!

wait list

Want to be notified when applications are open?

Applications for Momentum Accelerator are currently closed. If you'd like to be notified when it's open, please fill out the form below.


We will also send you emails about other events and resources that will help you as you grow your business.

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