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Momentum Accelerator


Rocket your business growth without overwhelm

You've been in business for more than a year, creating happy customers and bringing in real revenue.

But what's next? 

You need to master the fundamentals of your specific business so you can grow faster and with more confidence.

Right now, you're probably wearing most or all of the hats in your business. You need to be an expert in so many things, but you don't have time to teach yourself.


You're also concerned about:

  • How to optimize your pricing for maximum profit

  • Creating financial projections that are achievable, yet inspirational

  • Seeking out sources for funding

  • Finding more customers who need your products and services

  • How to confidently talk about your business 

  • Meeting a community of other entrepreneurs who will be transformational for your mindset and stress levels​

You need to build on your MOMENTUM.

Our 10-week MOMENTUM Accelerator program will give you customized resources, education and connections to rocket your business to new levels of success.

"My time with Aviatra has, in many ways, shaped who I am as a woman and business leader. The MOMENTUM program helped to not only take my business to the next level, but it also far improved my skills as a woman in business.

"Winning the pitch competition was the greatest success I've encountered in business ownership to date, and I am forever grateful for the family I've gained since completing the program.


"Once and always a proud Aviatra, I would recommend this program to any woman who wants the best for her business!"

-Megan Grote, With Grace B. Bold


MOMENTUM overview

Weekly Sessions

Starting on June 5, you'll meet in Covington, KY every Wednesday evening from 5:30-8:30 for 10 weeks. You'll work on your business pitch and get an in-depth education on essential topics with experts. Each session includes time for Q&A about your specific business challenges. We'll also introduce you to Aviatra alumni who will share their experiences for inspiration and support. Cohort members typically bring their own dinner with them and eat while they learn. 

Mentor Match

During MOMENTUM, you will be custom-matched to a SCORE mentor, who will work with you to create a robust 3-year business plan with financial projections and develop actionable strategies to meet your goals, all of which will prepare you to seek funding.

Pitch Perfect

You'll work with a professional presentation coach to help you confidently talk about your business and participate in the Pitch Competition. 

Take Flight

At Flight Night, you'll celebrate with your family and friends at the public graduation. You'll wow 'em with your pitch, the prizes will be announced and streamers will fly!

Prize Time

As a MOMENTUM graduate, you will receive a $500 prize in the form of in-kind services that you need, including legal consultation, marketing assistance, graphic design, efficiency consultation or accounting expertise. The winner of the Pitch Competition will win an additional cash prize, as well as some great PR.

As a graduate of MOMENTUM, you will be prepared and inspired to make your business dreams come true.


"MOMENTUM is like a mini-MBA, customized to your business. It's work--but it's soooo worth it!

"I wouldn't be where I am today, with a million dollar business, without Aviatra!"

-Mavis Linneman-Clark, Delish Dish Catering & Events


Welcome to the Aviatra community


All the MOMENTUM modules are taught by experts in their fields. You'll get to meet them, learn from them and ask them specific questions about your business. 

Members of your Cohort

You'll get to know the members of your cohort--other amazing entrepreneurs just like you, building their business dreams. Not only will you be inspired by them, they will get inspiration from you!

Aviatra Community

As an Aviatra graduate, you'll be a part of a large, welcoming community filled with successful, helpful business owners. You'll continue to learn and be supported with the resources and connections that we offer, including:

  • Our private alumni Facebook group

  • Free admission to all our SOAR workshops and events

  • Opportunities to promote your business at events, where you can also speak to other entrepreneurs

  • Participation in our Alumni-only mastermind-style hot seat sessions

The Aviatra community of bold women and their supporters will give you connections and relationships to take your business to the highest levels of success.

"I loved having my MOMENTUM cohort to bounce ideas off of and ask questions. We're all going through the same things together."

-Michele Tibbs, Grainwell

What you'll learn in MOMENTUM

The ten weekly modules dive deep into the essentials of a strong, successful business.

Week 1: (June 5) Intros, Insurance & Legal

We'll start you off with intros and an explanation of the weekly pitch practice. You'll meet the regional SCORE representatives, who will be matching you with a mentor. 

Next, you'll get learn how to protect yourself, along with your business and personal assets with the  insurance and legal modules. The information is tailed for small businesses and you can ask questions about your specific situation.

As with every session, we'll close the evening with a homework assignment for you to think about over the week until the next session.

Week 2: (June 12) Sales Strategies & Business Plan

After your weekly pitch practice and homework review, you'll learn sales strategies for your business, followed by the sections of a robust business plan. Then you'll meet your personal SCORE mentor, who will work with you over the timeframe of the program to create your own 3-year business plan with financial projections. 

Week 3: (June 19) Pricing, Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

The topics for this week are critical to a successful business: pricing your products and services, budgeting and managing your cash flow. 

Week 4: (June 26) City Incentives, Financial Projections, Market Share

Each city in our region offers financial incentives for small businesses. We'll learn about the ones that could be helpful for you. 

To continue the financial discussions from last week, we'll cover financial projections and learn how to evaluate your market share (and why that's important).

Week 5: (July 3) Funding, Time & Talent Management

We'll start the session with a panel of different types of funders, including SBA lenders, traditional lenders, grantors and investors. You'll learn what they each fund, what they look for in a recipient and how to work with them.

Next, we'll bring in Time Management and Talent Management experts to give you strategies and considerations to help you best utilize these critical resources.

Week 6: (July 10) Branding & Public Relations

This week's experts will get you set up for success with your brand (strategy, assets and usage) and teach you how to use PR to feature your business in the media.

Week 7: (July 17) Marketing Strategy, ICA, Website Design & SEO

In this info-packed session, you'll get an essential overview of marketing strategy and how to apply it to your specific business. Next, we'll dig into your specific ICA, or Ideal Customer Avatar, (aka customer profile) and how to use it in your marketing.

The next set of experts will explain the basics of good web design and how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be built in and continuously improved to help Google users find your business.

Week 8: (July 24) Traditional & Digital Marketing

Building on Week 7's marketing discussion, we'll dive deep into marketing tactics that you could use to attract new customers.

Week 9: (July 31) Video Pitch Training & Social Media

Our presentation expert will return to help you polish your pitch with the use of video. The evening will conclude with an overview of social media marketing strategies and tactics that you'll need to attract and nurture your followers, turning them into paying customers.

Week 10: (August 7) Practice Week & Industry-Specific Q&A

You'll use this week to practice your pitch so it's ready for the review committee. In addition, you can attend an optional Q&A session with business owners working in your industry.

Pitch Week: (August 14) Private Pitch Review Committee Presentations

We'll give you a timeslot for your pitch to the review committee. You'll be so polished and confident by this week that you will knock 'em dead!

August 29: FLIGHT NIGHT!

​The public graduation is our time, along with your friends and family, to celebrate you. Your hard work and dedication has given you the knowledge, connections and resources to take your business to new heights of success. 

At Flight Night, you'll give your perfectly polished pitch to the audience and receive the details of your in-kind award. The Pitch Contest winner will be announced to great fanfare. The evening is all about you!

When you're ready to grow your business with confidence, MOMENTUM provides you with the tools and knowledge you need.

"When I had plans to relaunch my upscale accessories brand, 'de Groot,' I enlisted the guidance of the MOMENTUM program. Not only did I enrich my knowledge in all facets of building a business, I also gained a support network of like-minded female entrepreneurs and mentors. 

"With the ultimate goal of turning my company into an internationally-recognized fashion brand, I know that I'll continue to be supported as I scale! The most reassuring thing I learned was that after the completion of the class, I'll always be an Aviatra and continue to have the growing network of support behind me through all stages of growth.

"I'm beyond grateful to be part this organization and look forward to my continued growth."

-Missy DeGroot, de Groot

Investment for the MOMENTUM program

The investment for MOMENTUM is $995 when paid all at once. We also offer a 4-month payment plan of $275 per month for 4 months. In addition, Blue North, one of our generous sponsors, is offering one full scholarship.

As mentioned above, your investment in the MOMENTUM program includes the following:

  • Ten sessions of classes given by experts on topics critical to the success of your business

  • Custom-matched SCORE mentor who will help you create a 3-year business plan with strategies identification to move your business forward and financial projections so you will be ready for discussions with funders

  • Follow-up Q&A sessions with experts to get your specific questions answered

  • Weekly pitch practice with expert coaching and feedback for improvement

  • Materials, worksheets and additional information from the presenting experts

  • In-kind prize for a service that will benefit your business

  • Opportunity to compete in the Pitch Contest for an additional cash prize and PR

  • Connections and support from your fellow cohort members who are with you all the way

  • Access to the Aviatra community and private Aviatra Alumni Facebook group

  • Free admission to our SOAR workshops and other alumni benefits throughout the year

Criteria to apply

We find that MOMENTUM works best for women who have been in business from 1-5 years and have an approximate total revenue of at least $50,000. This is to ensure that you will be at the same general level as the other members of the cohort.

Rocket your business to new heights of success with MOMENTUM!

Registration closed for 2023

Applications will open May 1, 2024 and close May 22, 2024.

The application includes a section to indicate whether you'd like to pay in full or with the 4-month payment plan and if you'd like to be considered for a partial scholarship. 

We can't wait to welcome you to the 2024 MOMENTUM cohort!


"Just the fact that I paid money to go to something designed specifically for business owners was huge. It was the first time I'd ever spent money on something that wasn't immediately revenue-generating. I was literally investing in being a business owner."

-Lisa Woodruff, Organize 365

So what do you think: is it your time to fly?

Apply for MOMENTUM
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Not quite ready?

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