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You have a business that you're ready to grow.

You're doing it! You've got products and services, happy customers and real revenue.

Let's build on your momentum and help you grow with programs, resources and connections that will set you on an upward trajectory toward your ultimate business goals. Scroll through the options and click on the ones that interest you.

Get education, coaching, community and other resources to help you grow your business

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What can I do right now?

Are you in the mood for some quick wins and instant inspiration? We've got you covered.

One-to-One Coaching

Sometimes, a conversation with a helpful person can be exactly what you need to get energized and moving in the right direction. Our Aviatra team is ready and looking forward to connecting with you. Just fill out this contact form and we'll set up a phone call, Zoom session or in-person meeting--whatever works best for you.

Aviatra Blog

We've got articles on marketing, business law, website design, entrepreneurial mindset and more. 

Woman to Woman: Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Packed with quotes from successful Aviatra alumni, this downloadable pdf puts inspiration at your fingertips.

Browse our upcoming events that will help you grow your business

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I'm ready to invest in myself and my business.

Lisa Woodruff, one of our accelerator alumni, said "Just the fact that I paid money to go to something designed specifically for business owners was huge. It was the first time I'd ever spent money on something that wasn't immediately revenue-generating. I was literally investing in being a business owner."

If you're ready, we've got some incredibly valuable options for you.

Momentum Accelerator

Our 10-week Momentum Accelerator program will give you customized resources, education and connections to rocket your business to new levels of success. Each session, you'll learn from experts, getting a robust review of business fundamentals and personalized instruction in next-level marketing and sales strategies.


You'll also be custom-matched with a SCORE mentor to create a 3-year business plan with financial projections, which will help you when you're ready to apply for funding.


At the end of the program, graduates will receive $500 of in-kind services that they need, such as legal help, branding or PR services. We even hook you up with a pitch coach, who will get you presentation-ready for the pitch competition in August.


When you're ready to rocket your business growth, this is the program for you.

Fuel Your Startup Hybrid Bootcamp

If you're not quite ready for the 10-week commitment that Momentum requires, this 6-module hybrid program might work better for you. In it, we focus on the two main things that impact your success: time and money, and we connect you with experts to dig into these critical topics. 


The modules are delivered as live Zoom sessions (also recorded so you can watch later) and the program ends with an in-person happy hour, where you'll meet the other women in your cohort, celebrate all your hard work and we'll toast to your success.

Master Classes

Unlock the secrets to business growth with these classes. Each is a 1-day, in-person exploration into critical topics for growing your business. Our 2024 lineup includes:

Soar Workshop Webinars

Every month, we put together two free Zoom workshops on topics that are relevant to business owners, such as mindset, marketing strategy, hiring, SEO tactics and more. We always leave time for Q&A with the presenters.

Browse upcoming events and programs to help you grow your business


I'd like to meet other women entrepreneurs

We all grow when we help each other.

Get to know other bold women business owners like yourself. The friendships, connections and support are invaluable.

Aviatra Membership Community

Surround yourself with a support system of women who are hustling just like you, making entrepreneurial dreams come true. Membership comes with great perks like free attendance at Real Talk for WOBs (see above), Monday Morning Accountability Check Ins and much more.

Hot Seat Mastermind Events (Dayton area)

We've set up a series of fun, fast-paced events where you can both get and give business advice in a supportive environment.

Each event begins with networking and a light breakfast. Then entrepreneurs take turns on the Hot Seat, presenting a business challenge, idea or opportunity to the group. Everyone weighs in with their advice and feedback.


The Hot Seat experience is both empowering and exciting and we hope you can join us!

Real Talk for WOBs (Women-Owned Businesses) (Cincinnati/ NKY area)

We describe these monthly gatherings of women business owners as "honest conversation in a safe space."


Each happy hour session starts with a guided discussion around limiting mindsets many entrepreneurs have. Then we break up into smaller groups for two 20-minute "Sweet Seat" rounds, where attendees take turns presenting a business challenge or idea for feedback, thoughts and support.


Real Talk is a trusted space for vulnerability and impactful conversations about being a women entrepreneur.

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Where else can I get help?

The tri-state region is behind you, offering robust resources and support so small businesses like yours can grow and thrive. 

Below, we share some of our favorite partners.

Navigating Resources for Entrepreneurs

Organized by where your business is located, these organizations can walk you through the available resources and make connections for you.

Business Coaching & Community

When you need advice from peers or experts, where do you turn? To these partners below.

  • SCORE: The mentors are all retired business people, volunteering their time to help people just like you. They serve Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, as well as the Dayton area.

  • SBDC: The Small Business Development Center is a federal program, offering mentors for help with strategy, financials, next steps and more.

  • BizAccessHub: This program is through NKU and offers members deep-dive coaching on budgeting, forecasting, marketing, innovation and other critical business topics.

  • Action Coaches: These business coaches are trained to help you manage change, grow your revenue, lower your expenses and keep you accountable. We work with these two: BGP Group and Summit.

  • Women's Business Center: The leaders at the WBC can answer your questions and connect you with valuable resources.

  • Women in Business Network: A part of the Greater Dayton Better Business Bureau, this network is made up of women go-getters pursuing their dreams. Attend their events to meet these powerful women who have the same challenges and success as you.

  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Accelerators: Located in Dayton and Cincinnati, these programs are next level education for entrepreneurs who have reached at least $75k in annual revenue and are ready to scale.

Alumni Advice: Cultivate Self Confidence

"You will probably feel imposter syndrome and tell yourself you’re not suited for this. Ignore it.
Everyone feels like an imposter sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Ease your uncertainties by focusing on expanding your network and making sales.”

-Molly Rizkallah, Vale Technologies


Events to help you grow your business

You're invited to join us for any and all of these events and programs, all designed to help you get more customers, be a more confident business owner and achieve your big goals.


Browse below and click on the buttons to register. See you there!

Real Talk for WOB's: Covington

Real Talk for WOB's: Covington


June 20, 2024


5:30-7:00 pm


Covington, KY


Honest conversation in a safe space for women business owners who want a thriving business and a trusted community.


Free with "FirstTimeFree" promo code

Unlocking the power of automation in your business

Unlocking the power of automation in your business


June 24, 2024


Noon-1:00 pm




Learn new AI tools to manage the most important resource you have: TIME.



Real Talk for WOB's: Cincy

Real Talk for WOB's: Cincy


June 27, 2024


5:30-7:00 pm


Montgomery, OH


Honest conversation in a safe space for women business owners who want a thriving business and a trusted community.


Free with "FirstTimeFree" promo code

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