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Are you on track to reach your goals?

If not, a Mid-Year Reset could help.

What is a Mid-Year Reset?

It's an opportunity to take stock of where you are with your business, set new goals and create a strategy to reach them.

We created the acronym VICTORIOUS to offer prompts that can help you with your Mid-Year Reset. You can download the free Mid-Year Reset Workbook here.

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How can Aviatra help?

Our Mid-Year Reset Package is a half-day of coaching plus customized resources, accountability and follow up to give you:

Motivation and clarity (so you can reignite your excitement)

Outsiders' perspectives (because it's hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle, right?)

New ideas and expert advice (our team is pretty amazing)

Plan of action (so you know what to work on and when)

Accountability (along with judgement-free encouragement)

Sounds interesting. How does it work?

There are 4 parts to the Mid-Year Reset:


Initial Zoom call on mindset & goals

We'll discuss your feelings and beliefs about your business and set goals for the Mid-Year Reset experience.


Action plan and agreement with yourself

At the end of the session, we will work together to create an action plan and help you draft an agreement with yourself to keep you on track.


Half-day, one-on-one coaching sessions with the Aviatra team (in person, if possible)

You'll meet in turn with Jill, Jasmine & Kourtney to focus on different areas of your business.


Follow-up Zoom call

In August, we will meet again on Zoom to see how things are going and work together to find solutions to any issues that arose.

Meet your coaches


Jill Morenz, President & CEO

Jill will work with you on your new vision for the rest of the year, discuss potential opportunities and define your revised business strategy for 2024.

Jasmine Hughes, Marketing Strategist & Program Manager

Jasmine will help you create an effective marketing plan for the rest of 2024.


Kourtney Terry, Community Manager

Kourtney will help you with time management and building good relationships with your current and future customers.

Give me all the details...

What you get

Here is everything you get with the Mid-Year Reset Package:

  • Initial 60-minute Zoom call with Jill to discuss your business and clarify your goals for your Reset

  • Half-day of one-on-one coaching. We encourage in person, but we can do Zoom if you prefer. You'll meet in turn with Jill, Jasmine and Kourtney to focus on the following:

    • 60 minutes with Jill on your new vision for the year, potential opportunities and strategy​

    • 60 minutes with Jasmine on your marketing plan

    • 60 minutes with Kourtney on time management and your customer relationships

    • 60 minutes with all of us to map out your Strategy & Action Plan

  • Written Strategy & Action Plan for the next 6 months

  • Written agreement with yourself that affirms your commitment to your 2024 goals and your Action Plan

  • Follow-up 60 minute Zoom session one month after your Half Day Coaching Session to discuss your progress on the Strategy & Action Plan and to brainstorm solutions to any obstacles that came up

  • If you select the Pay in Full option, you will get an additional 60-minute follow-up Zoom session to keep you moving forward and working through any challenges

I need a reset!

pay in full

Fantastic! To get started, just select your preferred payment option below.

Price & payment plans

The price for the Mid-Year Reset Package is $500. We offer two payment plans, below. Click on the Select button to get started.

Best Value

Mid-Year Reset Pay in Full



This payment option includes an additional Follow Up Accountability Session

Mid-Year Reset 4-Payment Plan



Every month

Valid for 4 months

Hooray! I have a plan!

Plus accountability and support (with no judgement)!

Are you ready for your Mid-Year Reset?

Just choose a payment plan to get started.

We can't wait to help you reach your 2024 goals!!

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