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December Aviatra of the Month: Megan Grote, With Grace B. Bold

November 30, 2022/in Aviatra of the Month 2022

After her mother was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer at the age of 42, Megan Grote was inspired to start With Grace B. Bold, a clothing line dedicated to meeting the unique needs women have after undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

As a fashion designer with multiple design degrees, Megan was able to approach the challenges many women face when undergoing treatment for breast cancer with both fashion and function in mind. The creation of With Grace B. Bold has enabled her to utilize her immense passion for impactful design to launch a company that elegantly meets the needs of a vastly underserved market.

While With Grace B. Bold currently has three staple pieces: the EILEEN, the ANN ELIZABETH, and the JULIE, Megan initially found it difficult to access capital to launch and grow her business. That’s where Aviatra Accelerators came in. After completing the 2019 LAUNCH program, Aviatra awarded Megan a $5,000 grant and provided her with the resources and confidence she needed to conquer this obstacle.

Megan has experienced tremendous growth since completing our LAUNCH program. She recently added a brand-new product and new vetted manufacturing partners, and her sales have climbed steadily. Aviatra looks forward to continuing to support Megan as she grows With Grace B. Bold into an all-encompassing fashion collection full of products to help women regain their self-esteem and feel beautiful throughout their treatment journey and beyond.

“Aviatra’s LAUNCH program is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my business! The entire experience was invaluable. I gained professional skills, learned how to run my business with confidence, and have experienced significant growth for With Grace B. Bold since finishing the program. The mentoring they provide is perfect and is tailored to your specific needs, and your cohort members become valuable connections for the future of your business. You make friends, feel supported, and develop all the skills necessary for your business to succeed!”

– Megan Grote, With Grace B. Bold

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