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September Aviatra of the Month: Mindy Bailey, SparkUp

September 9, 2022/in Aviatra of the Month 2022

Early in her career, Mindy Bailey worked at an experiential marketing agency in Chicago. While she was there, she cultivated her ability to help brands and organizations drive engagement through experiences.

Passionate about creating connections, Mindy took her expertise and founded her business, SparkUp. SparkUp creates elevated experiences delivered with flawless execution for organizations. Mindy and her team guide their clients through a process that allows them to clearly define goals for success. Then, they execute and allow the client to be immersed in the culture-building engagement. They take an idea from a small spark to a full flame. Mindy was part of Aviatra’s 2019 LAUNCH® program. Our ten-week program was invaluable to her, and she learned how to not just work in her business—but work on it. She saw immediate growth in her communication skills and is grateful for the connections she made. We are so proud of Mindy and her success and can’t wait to see what she does next!

“Being a part of the Aviatra LAUNCH program allowed me to be intentional about working on my business and not just in it. I saw immediate growth in my ability to communicate what value SparkUp brings to organizations. The connections are priceless and I am very appreciative of the opportunity.” – Mindy Bailey, SparkUp

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