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November Aviatra of the Month: Sonya L. Moore, Moore Planning & Consulting LLC

After working as a corporate leader for two Fortune 500 companies, Sonya Moore quickly saw the gap between what made businesses flourish and what made others fail. In 2017, she took that knowledge, her 25 years of experience, and marketing, operations, human resources, and learning and development expertise to reinvent herself and launch Moore Planning & Consulting LLC.

Moore Planning & Consulting LLC is a virtual administrative consulting and support firm committed to helping small business owners and small teams gain peace and order in their business. As the owner and CEO, Sonya and her team works with clients to get to the root of administrative problems to turn ideas into income with strategy, build structure with processes and automation that fit their budget, and provide support.

She also helps clients create consistent communication and turn chaos into systems, reducing overwhelm, saving time, and increasing income so they can spend more time as the CEO instead of the Worker.

Sonya participated in the Aviatra EXPLORE® program in 2015. While she entered the program with a different idea, she took the information she learned to build her current business. She now has been working in her business full-time for three years, launched a seven-week course called Idea to Income™: From Your Brain to Your Bank Account, and became a co-author in a #1 Amazon best-selling book, Entrepreneurial Elevation: 31 Strategic Lessons & Personal Stories From Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs.

“The Aviatra program helped me create the foundation of my business, Moore Planning & Consulting LLC. I had a different business idea in mind when I took the course in 2015, and through that course I learned it would not be a viable business, so I abandoned it. However, I used the same information to launch my current business.” – Sonya L. Moore, Moore Planning & Consulting LLC

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