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February Aviatra of the Month: Annetta Waters, Annetta’s Beauty Bar

In 2013, Annetta Waters decided that she wanted to open a salon—but she didn’t know where to begin. A friend told her about Aviatra Accelerators, and she made the commitment and joined the cohort that same year. Annetta took all the invaluable information she got from the program and opened Annetta’s Beauty Bar in 2014.

Annetta’s Beauty Bar is a full-service salon in a professional and safe environment structured for customer satisfaction. Specializing in multi-cultural hair straightening, styling, hair color, wig manufacturing, and make-up, Annetta’s Beauty Bar treats customers’ hair and skin with integrity and the highest quality of holistic products.

Annetta’s Beauty Bar continues to thrive today. In fact, last year, Annetta expanded the Annetta’s Beauty Bar portfolio and launched Eleven/22, a vegan, eco-friendly, ethically sourced hair and skincare product line. The product line consists of nutrient-rich hair products and skincare, particularly for sensitive and problematic skin consumers.

We’re so proud of Annetta and grateful she’s part of the Aviatra network!

“Aviatra Accelerators taught me how to structure my business and to never stop dreaming. I will never forget being in a room full of entrepreneurs who were different colors, ages, and different business types all eager to grow. It was so amazing to have unique subject matter experts weekly and a curriculum to guide us on the development of our dreams. Fast forward to today—I have had a salon since 2014, an amazing career expanding my enterprise, and I am still a member benefiting from the Aviatra network.” – Annetta Waters, Annetta’s Beauty Bar

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