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Momentum Biz Tip #10 (to encourage action)

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May 23, 2024/in Marketing & Biz Tips

This Biz Tips series is inspired by the modules in our Momentum Accelerator.

Biz Tip # 10: Have a CTA


A CTA is your “call to action.” It’s what you want people to do.

What do you want a potential customer to do? Buy, of course. But what other CTAs might be appropriate in various situations?

When you’re creating a Facebook ad, your CTA might be “book a call.”

On your event flyer, the CTA might be “get tickets.”

You’ve gotten the attention of someone, so make the most of it by asking them to take some sort of action.


Why you should care:

It takes quite a bit of effort to get in front of a potential customer. Don’t waste the opportunity by being coy about what you’d like them to do.

Each CTA moves a person along the buying journey with you.

They may discover you when they see your social media post. In it, your CTA is “Explore our spring fashions.”

They click through and browse through the dresses on your website. Your CTA is now “Add to cart.” And a sale is made!

It’s pretty straightforward when you’re selling a product. There may be more steps, and therefore more CTAs, if you have a longer buying journey.

Give it some thought.

Consider all the touchpoints you have with a potential customer (website, social posts, flyers, email newsletters, lead magnets). Do you have a strong CTA on each?

If not, consider where your potential customer is in their buying journey and craft an appropriate CTA to move them along toward a sale.

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Written by Jill Morenz, President & CEO at Aviatra Accelerators


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